Bayco Italia


Client: Bayco Italia

Services: Visual identity, communications & collateral, exterior signage, brand guidelines

Year: 2013


Bayco Italia is a distributor of modern, classic, and masonry kitchens, marked by a true "made in Italy" luxurious style. It delivers high quality design products that aim to improve the quality of life at home.

At the time of the project, the brand needed to be revitalized in order to reinforce its position as an international luxury kitchen distributor company. Simplicity and minimalism were identified as key concepts for the new, clean identity and visual language. The unembellished, yet well-spaced logotype, helps portray the brand’s constant search for luxurious austerity. The typography's traces and terminals are both fine and robust, giving it a distinctive, sophisticated personality. The logotype “Bayco” is accompanied by the word “Italia” written in a simple sans-serif font, that makes reference to the exclusivity of Italian products sold by the company.  A deep red was chosen as the brand’s corporate color for it responds to the desired essence of the brand by portraying opulence and stylishness. Bayco Italia’s new sober and timeless identity effectively establishes a feeling of quality and remains unique from the competition.