Pepa Pombo


Client: Pepa Pombo

Services: Brand strategy, Brand Book creation, editorial design, photography of the knitting techniques

Year: 2018

Fashion photographer: Tigre Escobar


Brand book creation for Pepa Pombo, a Colombian ready-to-wear brand reinventing knitwear since 1978. Intricate designs, heritage and innovative techniques define Pepa Pombo and create the vibrant and bold pieces that have become the brand’s artistic signature. 

Arcal and Creo Consulting conducted a branding workshop with the Pepa Pombo team that helped unveil the brand's DNA, pillars, attributes and persona. The brand book clearly communicates the value proposition of Pepa Pombo and breaks-down each knitting technique and process.

pepa pombo
pepa POMBO
pepa pombo
pepa pombo